Today’s Puzzles

You have a choice of 9 daily Hadoku puzzles from easy to impossibly hard.

Level 0 “easy” puzzle (applet)

Level 1 “medium” puzzle (applet)

Level 2 “a little bit hard” puzzle (applet)

Level 3 “a little bit harder” puzzle (applet)

Level 4 “crunchy hard” puzzle (applet)

Level 5 “no walk in the park” puzzle (applet)

Level 6 “mind boggling” puzzle (applet)

Level 7 “gut wrenching” puzzle (applet)

Level 8 “El Capitan in 3 hours” puzzle (applet)

Or try our free Hadoku app for iPhone and iPad called “Rocky Isle”:


It brings you Hadoku with a nice graphical interface. But you are free to switch to the standard numbers in grid display (more information).