Rocky Isle: Our App for iPhone and iPad

Experience the number-based puzzle game that’s as visually stunning as an arcade adventure yet challenging like the hardest available Sudoku puzzles! Download Rocky Isle & play through thousands of ‘Ripple Effect’ inspired puzzles across nine varying difficulty levels!


Rocky Isle is genuinely addictive grid-based numeric challenge in the spirit of classic titles such as Ripple Effect and Sudoku. Levels come in the form of grids which are further sectioned off into separate regions, all cleverly designed to take on the look of tropical islands. The player’s mission in the game is simple: Place a hill onto every square of each island on any given level, utilizing up to seven differently sized hills to do so. Seemingly an easy task, the game includes a number of rules that turn this task from a cakewalk to a mentally engaging puzzle juggernaut.

A Unique Mobile Puzzle

• Rocky Isle includes 5000 puzzles spread equally around 9 difficulty levels. The diverse range of included difficulties ensures that the game is accessible to novice players yet appealing to even the most advanced numeric puzzle solving experts, with some level 9 stages so complex that they’ve never been solved by hum hands before!

• Furthermore, with smaller grid sizes – the game’s most difficult puzzles appear on 6x6 grids, unlike Sudoku’s normal 9x9 format – Rocky Isle is perfectly suited for gaming on small iPhone and iPod Touch screens. An iPad optimized version of Rocky Isle featuring board rotation features is available too!

The Rocky Isle Challenge

Every empty square on each island corresponds to only one hill size. Rocky Isle includes seven progressively larger hill sizes. The number of squares a given island is comprised of dictates which sized hills must be used.

• For example: If an island takes up 3 squares on the grid, it must have a size 1 hill, a size 2 hill, and a size 3 hill on it. An island that takes up 4 squares must have hills sized 1 – 4 on it.

Furthermore, no islands can be populated with more than one of each hill size, and same sized hills appearing in the same row or column on the grid must be spaced apart by the at least same number of squares as their corresponding size values.

• For example: If two size 3 hills appear in the same row or column, they must be placed at least 3 squares apart from one another.


• 5000 Unique computer-generated puzzle levels
• 2 game display modes: Tropical Island Theme & Basic Numeric Grid
• 9 unique difficulty levels ranging from easy to extremely hard
• “Harder than Print” numeric puzzle difficulties not found anywhere else
• Rocky Isle is also known as Hakyuu (
波及効果), Ripple Effect or Seismic

Rocky Isle is a Pözzal puzzle developed by Hansruedi Heeb.