News 2012 (Latest, 2011)
  • 2012 Dec 10: Solve daily Hadoku in any browser (no Java required anymore): the new solver is now in beta test
  • 2012 Aug 19: Daily Hadoku page is live now
  • 2012 Jul 27: Daily Hadoku page is in beta now
  • 2012 Jun 20: Shame on us, the Android version is still in the works, but here is something new for you puzzle fans: we will soon have a daily Hadoku web page...
  • 2012 Mar 8: Our servers produced the six-millionth Hadoku puzzle. The last million took so long because we now create larger puzzles (up to 9x9).
  • 2012 Feb 13: Working hard on the Android version…keep asking for it, it is “nearly done”.